How We Create The Perfect Tap For You

At The Tap Factory, we travel the globe sourcing the best quality materials produced in the best environments to bring our designs to fruition. We believe that value and design should not be mutually exclusive, but can be mutually delivered through extensive market knowledge and optimized working relationships.

Our friendly Yorkshire based team are on the phones Monday to Friday from 10am until 4pm. Outside of these hours you can email [email protected]

Stock is an essential part of our service. We endeavour to hold all items in stock at all times. We pride ourselves on our stock holding.

It is imperative that you do not clean our products with solvent based cleaning products. Our guarantee does not cover damage after installation, poor installation, amendments to the pre-fitted wastes, connections or misuse. Quarter -turn ceramic cartridges are used in the construction of the tap innards and should not be forcefully rotated, as this will crack the ceramic discs and will lead to weeping. Spare parts can be bought to resolve issues.

Please contact: [email protected]

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